What are the Hazards in Stairways?

Stairways are very useful; however, they can be hazardous because it can cause falls and injury to its user. Preventing untoward accidents on stairs boils down to knowing what makes it hazardous in the first place. If your house is equipped with a staircase, it is vital that you learn how to make it safe in order to prevent future accidents.

Hand Rails

If your staircase does not have hand rails, this will pose a big threat to the elderly and the children. Hand rails are very important in the event of tripping, slipping, or falling. In those cases, hand rails are used to hold on to prevent serious injuries. Ensure that your staircase is equipped with a durable hand rail that is installed properly.

What are the Hazards in Stairways?

Objects left in the Staircase

More often than not, you can find some objects left lying around or in the stairway; you can see bikes and shoes among the many things people leave there. All of these pose a hazard as they can be the reason why you will trip over or slip, thereby resulting to a fall or injury. This is primarily the reason why it is important that you must not leave any objects in the stairwell, most especially if you are not alone in the house.

Stairway Lighting

All stairways must have lights to guide the users when the room gets dark to prevent any untoward accidents such as trips and slips. Note that having poor lighting may easily cause accidents. Make sure that you have good light fixtures in your stairway that will allow excellent visibility.

Poor Quality Stairs

Stairs that are made of poor quality are another hazard in stairways. Stairs need to be maintained and checked if there are any loose boards or nails that stick out that can cause injuries. You might step on weak stair boards or protruding nails or you may trip over boards that are not secured properly. Therefore, perform regular checkups to make sure that there aren’t any risks factors for injuries.


Spills can happen anytime in stairways. These spills can cause you to lose your balance when walking up or down the stairs. This often happens a lot in buildings that have an entry-type stairway; spills may be primarily due to wet shoes or wet umbrella that can leave water behind. If you see any spill or liquid on your staircase, you should clean it up immediately to prevent any injuries.

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