Tips on Using the Stairway Safely

Everyone, at any age, is at high risk for accident when using the stairway. According to the report of the National Safety Council, there are 12,000 stairway-related deaths in a year. At this rate, stair-related accidents place second only to car accidents as the cause of injuries in the US. Injuries, falls, and deaths by stairway use can be prevented by some stairway safety guidelines.

Tips on Using the Stairway Safely

Guidelines on How to Safely Use the Stairway

  • Pay particular attention to the height and width of the steps; it is important to note that stairway steps actually vary from each other. Mentally estimate the distance of each step for you to determine how high you should raise your leg and where you will place your foot. This helps ensure that you will safely land on the next step.
  • As much as possible, avoid going up or down the stairs when you’re in your stocking or socked feet loose shoes, or floppy slippers. If you are wearing a long dress, lift it up a little and make sure that your high heeled shoes are strapped on properly.
  • Always make use of the hand rails. Know that it is actually installed so that you will be guided while you are on your way up or down the stairs. In the event that you lose your balance, hold firmly to the hand rails to keep you from falling down.
  • Do not allow toys, laundry, shoes, or shopping bags to be cluttered in and around the stairways.
  • Take your time when you are using the stairway. Note that the risk of falls and injury increases when you are moving in a rush and you’re not paying attention to what you are doing.
  • Do not be distracted. Avoid talking to someone, reading, or using your mobile phone.
  • In a public area, pay particular attention to the foundation and the condition of the stairway. Look for any warning signs that are posted that will tell you whether they still being worked on for repairs.
  • When it is dark, make sure to turn on the lights when you are moving up and down the stairs. Having a well-lit stairway will decrease the risk of any fall or injuries.
  • If you are using a cane or crutches or if you are suffering from medical conditions that make it difficult for you to use the stairs, ask for assistance. Do not leave the elderly or children unsupervised when using the stairs.
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