Tips on Childproofing your Stairs

If you have a child at the house, it is very important to keep your stairway safe for them. When childproofing a stairway, it is important for parents to think like toddlers. Note that toddlers are very curious, they often attempt to do things that are beyond their developmental skills, such as moving up and down a long staircase. According to a study conducted by One Step Ahead, there are approximately 2.5 children deaths or injuries at home per year. This is primarily the reason why installing child safety devices in your stairs are very important.

Tips on Childproofing your Stairs

Steps in Childproofing your Stairway

  • Install baby gates at the top and the bottom levels of your stairway. This helps in preventing babies and toddlers from any accidents including falling down the stairs. Aside from that, it will also prevent your child from cruising up and down the stairs without your supervision. Baby gates can be bought from your local hardware. Make sure that you choose gates that are durable to ensure longevity.
  • Determine the measurement of the distance between the banister posts on the stairs. According to Safe Start Baby, the hand rails must be less than 3.5 inches apart. If necessary, you should install a banister shield to help prevent your child from sticking their heads out to the posts.
  • Install a small hand rail that is approximately 36 inches high for children to use as soon as they start to climb up and down the stairs. Brackets should also be used to secure the hand rails into the wall. The hand rails and brackets can also be bought at a building supply store in your area.
  • Secure the hand railings for children into the studs of the wall.
  • It is important to note that you must do away of using pressure-mounted baby gates at the top portion of your stairs. Toddlers might be able to push the gate over which may cause them to fall.
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