Stairway Painting Ideas

The stairway is one of the areas at home that most of us do not pay particular attention to. However, it is important for many reasons. Stairways are often located in the entryway; therefore it is one of the first things that the people will see as they go inside your house. It is also used repeatedly each day in order to go to the next level of your home. This is the reason why it should be painted well to make it look more attractive.

Stairway Painting Ideas

Bold Color

If you have a stairway that has a wall that is facing out into the living room and a hand rail on the other side, it might be a good idea to use that wall to make an impression; use bold colors, such as tomato red, for the wall and neutral colors for both the stairs and the hand rails. Most homeowners would use the staircase walls to display large artwork pieces; therefore, choose a color that will complement them.

Neutral tones

If you want a stairway that would blend in and look as though it is part of the rest of the room, you should choose a color that is pale and neutral. This matches the rest of the room, creating an open and cohesive space. Use white for wooden staircases, balusters, and risers; and dark colors for your treads and hand rails.

Stairway Painting Ideas

Artsy Walls

If you want an eye-catching wall, you should create a stairway wall that is very artsy. Use one color that is diluted in various concentrations to create beautiful shades, and apply them in layers with the use of stencils and brushes. Another option would be to use wallpaper that will give you almost the same effect. Having an artsy wall means you should use neutral colors for your steps and hand rails.

Stairway Painting Ideas

Painting the Runner

Another idea is to paint the runner on the stairs with bright colors that will link the top and the bottom levels of your house. You may use a painter’s tape to make clean lines and a primer and oil-based enamels for them to withstand foot traffic. Walls and hand rails should be kept white and neutral for your stairs to stand out.

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