Hiding a Safe in your Stairway

Valuables must be kept in the most secure location of the house; preferably in an area that is not the first thing a thief will think of. More often than not, when a thief enters the home, he will search in the typical locations of your valuables. Their desire to move in and out of your house fast won’t lead them to think and look for your secret hiding spots, such as your stairs. Turning your uncarpeted staircase into secret drawers for the safekeeping of your valuables and not sharing this information to any one will surely keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Hiding a Safe in your Stairway

How to Make a Safe Hidden

  • Remove the tread off the stairs with a pry bar carefully. The tread is a part of the stairs where you are actually stepping on.
  • Remove the kick plate, otherwise known as the riser, off the stair through the use of a hammer. This kick plate is the part of the stair that your toes might actually touch or hit while you are climbing up the stairs.
  • Use a measuring tape to determine the measurement of your kick plate. Note that your drawer size should be at least half an inch narrower than your kick plate on the sizes, and at least a quarter shorter on the top and bottom portions.
  • Cut a quarter inch plywood for your drawers. You may need at least 5 pieces for a drawer: the front, back, bottom, and the sides. Again, the height of your drawer must be a quarter shorter than the kick plate that you have just removed. Make sure that the drawer is long enough to keep a flat safe.
  • Use a wood glue to secure the edges of the pieces of wood that will serve as the bottom portion of your drawer. Press the sides and back into the glue.
  • Using small nails, attach to pieces of wood to the bottom and to the adjoining wood piece. Make sure to space the nails at least 1 inch apart.
  • The kick plate must be glued to the front portion of the drawer. Nail it to the bottom and the sides from the back, thereby making the nails reach the kick plate; at the same time, ensuring that the heads aren’t visible from the outside.
  • Carefully secure the tracks of the drawer glides onto the sides of the stairs, as well as the wheeled strips along the sides of the drawer using nails. It might be simpler if you install the tracks using a nail gun rather than a hammer. These drawer glides ensure that you will be able to open and close the drawers; it prevents it from falling off the empty space at the back portion of the stairs as well.
  • Fold two pieces of long ribbon in half for you to create a drawer pull for your safe. Secure the ribbons to the back portion of the kick plate using a tack. The ribbon pieces should be short enough to prevent them from extending over the tread and long enough that you can grab them with your fingers to open the drawer.
  • Replace the tread of your stairs with the kick plate drawer.
  • Set your slim safe drawer inside it and close.
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