FengShui Tips on Stairways

In the world of architecture, staircases are convenient and appealing. However, if you are a believer of FengShui, they can be a problem. FengShui Times says the creation of holes in floors of a building through stairways is potentially harmful; they refer to this as “sha chi”. In order to make sure that the stairway won’t add to this negative energy, you should position it properly, decorate it, and maintain it as well.

Stairs Aligning Doors

In FengShui, stairways shouldn’t be situated fronting the entrance of a house. According to Indobase, the Chi will go directly up to the next flight, thereby leaving only low levels of Chi on the ground floor. It is highly recommended that you rearrange the mirrors, screens, wind chimes, and potted plants along the stairway to slow the movement of the Chi. According to FengShui expert Jon Sandifer, a heavy statue must be placed at the base of the stairway to ensure more stability.

FengShui Tips on Stairways

Auspicious Stairway

FengShui has its idea of how stairways are most favorable. According to Jon Sandifer, stairways must not be an open riser type as this will obstruct the flow of the Chi. The best type of stairway is a curved stairway (which is different from the spiral type) without any edges. You may choose to have a landing half way up the stairs to help calm the upward and downward movement of the Chi.

FengShui Tips on Stairways

Stairway Maintenance

FengShui places great importance to stairway maintenance. It is vital to keep the stairway regularly brushed or vacuumed to ensure safety and smooth flow of the Chi. Staircases must also be well-lighted and they should also have hand rails to ensure and promote safety. Installation of a skylight would benefit in improving the light and the movement of the Chi in your house.

FengShui Tips on Stairways

Space beneath the Stairs

If you have an open space under your stairs, it is very important that you keep it free from clutter to ensure good movement of the chi; promoting smooth and continuous flow. If you choose to use this area as storage space, it would be best that you install cabinets to make them look organized and neat. You may also transform it into a decorative area by growing houseplants there. According to Indobase, “placing plants underneath the stairs will deflect Chi to the second floor, allowing the energy to flow continuously”.

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